Monday, December 06, 2010

An Englishman Abroad

Born in Washington, Jimmy Hagan was arguably Sheffield United's finest ever player. He managed Peterborough United into the Football League, West Bromwich Albion to the League Cup, and a Benfica side including Eusebio to three titles in a row. You can read more about one of English football's greatest forgotten exports in this article I wrote for the marvellous Les Rosbifs.


Garry Nixon said...

Coincidentally, whilst we were being trashed by WBA yesterday, I recalled the 1968 FA Cup which they won - it was the first FA Cup Final I watched on telly all the way through. Hagan had moved on by then, apparently, though.

Michael said...

He'd been sacked after losing the dressing room by refusing to let his players train in long trousers.

He did sign Jeff Astle for them, though. A pretty good going away present.