Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Christmas: Now Coming

The estate's first Christmas lights were up the day after Guy Fawkes. I saw them on a house around the corner which always has one car on the drive and two blocking off the pavement in front. Red santas and blue reindeer climbed up a window, and there were the kind of flashing lights the TV news warn you about in advance all over the upstairs. "November the 6th? Someone should put their windows in," said the person I was with, half-joking. Or at least, I think he was.


Garry Nixon said...

I noticed a Christmas tree in Tesco's back in September. And it's a fact that the saddest households put up their decs first, take them down last. Tragic, really.

Have a look at this:


Michael said...

Christ, it's enough to make you long for January.