Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Just One Of Those Things?

The words "It's just one of those things" dribbled out of Lee Dixon's mouth on Match of the Day. Alan Brazil called it "unlucky", Steve Claridge thought "Ben Arfa should've seen it coming and moved out of the way". "As long as you allow neanderthals to dominate the public discourse on telly," Raphael Honigstein tweeted, "these 'unfortunate accidents' will continue".

Just one of those things?

How about two?


TeeTotallyNot said...

but he's such a "sweet guy".. surely something must have got lost in translation from Dutch to English!!
what...annoys me most is that he didn't even get a card. And all those muppets who call it a "maybe slightly strong challenge" or words to that extent should have to go 10 rounds (or 90 minutes) with him.
Dutch Lee Clattermole.

Michael said...

No surprise he didn't get a red card when you look at some of Atkinson's other decisions on Sunday.
Three broken bones in six months is not bad luck. It's idiocy.

Garry Nixon said...

The referee shouldn't be allowed to work on a pub game. And the most annoying thing about de Jong, is that he doesn't appear to have given any of his victims a text message, let alone a handshake and an apology.

Michael said...

Apparently he did try to arrange a hospital visit but Ben Arfa refused.
Whether that's a belated PR exercise or not is open to debate. He didn't look at all concerned at the time.