Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Derby Day

Even at reserve team level, a Tyne-Wear derby matters. There's a crowd of four and a half thousand at (the other) Stadium of Light, Sunderland fans gradually spreading out to fill most of the middle tier of the West Stand. The three or four hundred Newcastle fans are behind one goal. "You're only here to see Campbell," we shout. United score once, twice, three times, seats are snapped off and taunts fly back and forth. "Cheer up Alan Shearer..." "4-1, even Chopra scored" " a sad Geordie bastard..." "Kill the Mackems!" Sol Campbell goes off at half time, having had to exert himself with little more than a forward run and two hooked clearances. Sunderland hit the post twice late on and pull a goal back with a penalty but ten-man Newcastle, with Nile Ranger outstanding up front, deserve the win.

Not that I'm biased or anything.


TeeTotallyNot said...

nice score-line, would take that on Halloween. Already excited about the reunion with BigTit.. two big bumbling defenders to laugh about..

Garry Nixon said...

I do wonder if Campbell's worth his wages.

Do you think he'll be fit for Blackpool, by the look of him?

Michael said...

His positional sense is so good you'd hope he wouldn't have to do as much running around as the likes of John Terry.

He's playing for the reserves again next week, but I think he'll be on the bench for Blackpool.

A young kid called Matthew Grieve looked very good alongside him. If Campbell can help bring the likes of him on, he'll have earned his keep.

Garry Nixon said...

If Campbell can help bring the likes of him on

Indeed. And that depends on how much he integrates into the team in the season or two left to him, how much he becomes a Mag, in other words.

this too will pass said...

lets hope the fist team can do the same