Thursday, June 24, 2010

Clutching at Straws

"They pass the ball a lot better than us," someone said, watching Müller lay it back for Ozil, Ozil ping it crossfield to Lahm. "Yeah, but they're very young, aren't they?" another voice piped up. "And they might be tired," someone else agreed. "Plus their forwards aren't great and our strength is in defence." "And Lampard's due a big game, isn't he?" There was silence for a few seconds. "Shame we didn't win the group, though." "Yeah, we're probably out."


Garry Nixon said...

Lighten up. Only four more games to go. WE have to beat Germany, then probably Argentina, then maybe Spain, and finally, Brazil. Nae bother.

TeeTotallyNot said...

Funny, remember a somewhat reverse version of that conversation here last night (it's not as we don't take you serious at all :D).
Our passing, especially when under pressure, had me my grabbing my head (and banging it on the table)/groaning/shouting more than once. And our defence looked a tad shaky at times. Neuer tho looked rather secure.
As for age - "when you're good enough, you're old enough".. just hope they're all fit again by Sunday.
Should be an interesting game (unless you revert to the 'olden' ways)
Good luck anyway :D

Michael said...

Whatever else, it'll be entertaining.
Just no penalties, please.