Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Nearing the End

We're halfway through the last week of teaching and things are beginning to wind down. The student reports are done, there's an all-you-can-drink party planned for Friday night, and three days later, a few hours after my final class, I'll be taking a night bus to Hiroshima.

I leave Tokyo, possibly for good, next Saturday morning, with almost two clear months between here and Odessa.


Robert Campbell said...

Two months, what are you going to do with the time?

Michael said...

Lisbon, Geneva, Malta, Paris and Edinburgh should take up most of it. What's left is for beer and that 10-kilometre target you set me.

Myeral said...

All you can drink parties sound like a bad idea.

Enjoy your travels.

Michael said...

They are a very bad idea.
But a lot of fun.